28 January 2009

Dude, You Guys, Hey.

Information literacy is super important. From the BBC:

A top doctor has admitted her part in hoodwinking a leading medical journal after inventing a medical condition called "cello scrotum".

Elaine Murphy - now Baroness Murphy - dreamt up the painful complaint in the 1970s, sending a report to the British Medical Journal.

She came clean when the hoax resurfaced in the 2008 Christmas edition [when another researcher cited the condition in their own paper].

A BMJ spokesman said the inclusion and subsequent debunking of "cello scrotum" had "added to the gaiety of life".
Full article here.

15 January 2009

grumpy morning weather post


i hope the bus isn't running late.

*sigh* on the plus side, maybe i can avoid top surgery altogether this way. my chest bubbles could just freeze all the way off!

grump. if you listen carefully, that's exact noise the snow makes under my shoes when the weather is like this-- just before squeak and too dry for crunch. the snow says, "grumpgrumpgrumpgrump".

i bet you could make a Bose-Einstein condensate in my mailbox right now.