06 June 2007

This is a real note.

In a real paper that I'm writing:
"Cyborg" would be more accurate here than "robot", as the former term implies human-machine hybridity, while the latter indicates only machine parts, and accordingly no capacity for emotion. However, in common parlance, "robot" is a sufficient substitute and gets the point across without really necessitating this endnote.
'Cause grading papers is boring and I like my GSI.


mejuhi said...

What is GSI?
I like science fiction, but is this science fact?

Surya said...

yay! the transient insect blog is back. i like how you switch to it in all transient phases of life, which is usually May -- August of any year. You know how to make fudge? That's amazing. Even if they do look like chocolate ladoos.

Anonymous said...

Jaya, who wrote the note(GSI?) and whose paper was it(yours?)? Are you grading papers? I did that one summer.

Hi Surya!!!

Jaya said...

mumma: GSI = graduate student instructor.

sk: hiii! yah, it's so true! summers are full of changes.

pk: Nono, I wrote the note and put it in my paper, which I will turn in today to my GSI, who is cool. So it will be less boring for her.

Anonymous said...

make post!