27 July 2007

At last! Something blogworthy!

Grim rea-purr: The cat that can predict death

For like a harbinger of bad news, Oscar is able to discern the exact moment at which the angel of death comes to stand at their bedside. It is an unusual skill, certainly. All the more so because Oscar is just a cat.


Yet his skills of divination are beyond question - and have even been the subject of an article in as august a publication as the New England Journal Of Medicine. To date he has predicted the deaths of 25 patients, and done so with such accuracy that he has completely won the trust of even the initially incredulous medical staff.

"This cat really seems to know when patients are about to die," says Dr David Dosa, a geriatrician at Rhode Island hospital who also attends patients at Steere House.



Jurgo said...

Best lolcat for the occasion:


Its dangerous business walking... said...


Its pretty NEAT.
you can even keep a log of your "training"
that includes the routes.
And you enter in your Average Speeds, max speeds....information about the day.
Also, if you go somewhere unfamiliar (on vacation, say) You can look up routes that other people use!!!