31 July 2007


Would you like an insider look into the fascinating adventures of Writing My Thesis? Then keep reading, friend, for what a typical work week* looks like:
Day 1:
  • accomplish nothing
  • feel bad about it
Day 2:
  • accomplish nothing
  • feel bad about it
  • but really plan to get working the next day
Day 3:
  • check email a lot
  • finally get to work at 5pm
  • feel good, but inadequate for slacking off on days 1 and 2
Day 4:
  • work all day
  • feel like nothing makes sense
  • check email a lot
  • send sections to advisor
Day 5:
  • accomplish nothing
Day 6:
  • meet with advisor
    • who tells me my stuff looks good and that I should give myself a break
  • feel smart
  • give self break
Day 7:
  • wonder where the last week went
  • accomplish nothing
It's really weird that July is over! I don't know where it went. But I am now about to start writing the final section, and the rest of it has 2 rounds of revisions done.

This summer has been completely nuts on so many levels, but I am now just 2 1/2 weeks away from being DONE with undergrad and taking a vacation to Illinois with my husband and packing all my stuff and seeing my parents and my sisters and going to the beach. Crazy, no?

*see also this strip from PhDcomics.


Its dangerous business walking... said...

You're freaking AMAZING.
just...absolutely, single handidlelyely Amazing.
but don't give yourself a break...
the moment you do, you'll realize how much more sane that is.

Jaya said...

thanks! i learned it from you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, it's like that for everybody. That's why people write books like "Write your dissertation in 15 minutes a day!" and crap like that.